Afternoon Drive Sha'mual Febi

Afternoon Drive with Shamual Febi

Welcome to the Afternoon Drive with ShamuAL Febi. This show intends to get you thinking about scripture in a way that edifies and builds your understanding.

We aim to immerse you into The Word to ignite transformation by affirming the faith, encouraging and equipping you with knowledge and skills; thus helping to build your relationship with Yahusha Ha’Mashiach.

You can tune into topics like “Biblical prophecy and the awakening of the true Israelites,” “Fulfilling the commandments in a demanding world” and “How the past answers questions about the future.”

History, current events and biblical prophecies combined together should help you discover that there is nothing new under the sun; what has happened in the past is happening now.

Hence, Afternoon Drive strives to empower you to be wise during these turbulent times in history as we await the second coming of our Messiah.

– Sha’muAL Febi