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Here is a collection of our shorter audio content from our podcast, Facebook Live, radio audio or YouTube videos. These are very important audio that can really enhance our pursuit of truth.

What Is The True Gospel? This Is Not Taught In Christianity

The true gospel that has been hidden from all through the use of false religion, in now revealed.

Why We 100% MUST Be Baptized - This Is He That Came By Water & Blood

Deep scriptural proof why we MUST be baptized to enter the kingdom.

Is There Anywhere In The Bible That Tells Us a vaccine Can Be The Mark Of The Beast?

Can a vaccine be the mark of the beast? Let’s see.

Do We Have Free Will?

There are some believers who think that once we come to YAHUAH (or even before that), we have no free will. Is this so? Let’s see.

Justified By Faith Without The Deeds Of The Law

What does the Apostle Sha’ul (Paul) mean by “We are justified by faith without the deeds of the law?” This episode looks at this very critical question.

3 Dreams 2 Moons: Powerful End Time Prophetic Dreams from 3 Jamaican Women

In this episode, we breakdown the mystery of 3 dreams from 3 Jamaican women. Powerful end time revelation!

Were The Apostles And Early Disciples Christians

Were the Apostles and early disciples Christians? This episode looks at a common misconception as to what the early believers were called.

The Truth About Christianity (That Your Pastor Will Not Tell You).

Here is the truth about Christianity that the pastors will not tell their followers!

Who Will Be Saved? (Part 1)

This episode looks at the common debate surrounding who will be saved. Is it everyone or is salvation only for Israel?

Who Will Be Saved (Part 2) - Can Edomites Be Saved?

Can Edomites be saved? There is a claim by some Hebrew Israelites that Edomites cannot be saved. Is this so? Here is much scriptural proof to bring out the truth.

Who Are The Descendants Of Edom?

Understanding who Edom is in the end time is almost as important as understanding who the children of Israel are. Join us as we go into this very important question.

Blindness In Part Has Happened To Israel (Romans 11:25): What Does This Mean?

Blindness in part has happened to Israel. Which Israel? What blindness? In this episode, we look at what this really means for us today.

How To Read The Bible And Grow In Understanding

How do I grow in understanding of the Bible?

Precept Upon Precept: How To Understand The Depths Of The Bible

The Bible is not a textbook and so  you cannot read it as such and get the full understanding. Here is the strategy the Most High gave us to figure it out.

The Earnest Of Our Inheritance? What Does Ephesians 1:13-14 Mean?

What does Ephesians 1:13-14 mean by the earnest of our inheritance? An understanding of these 2 verses is key to figuring out the question: “When are we saved?”

Is The Book Of Enoch Authentic?

The book of Enoch is quoted in the Bible, yet left out of the modern Bible, though still in the old Ethiopian Bible. Listen as we take the book of Enoch through a simple test to prove its authenticity.

Does The Most High Love Sinners?

Does the Most High love sinners? Ask any Christian and they will tell you yes. But is this what the Bible says? Listen this episode to find out more.

God Of Israel Or God Of The Whole World?

Ask anyone who “God” is, they will tell you he is the God of the whole world. However, is this what the Bible says? In fact, you will be surprised to know who the Bible says is the god of this world.

When Does The Sabbath Begin And End?

When does the Sabbath begin and end is a common question. This video concentrates on what time the Sabbath begins and ends rather than the specific day on which it falls.

Overcoming The Dominion Of Evil Spirits Over Our Thoughts

How to take charge of our thoughts and reject the influence of evil.

The Revelation 13 Beast, the 4th Kingdom and The World Today

Understanding the mnifestation of the Revelation 13 beasts, the 4th kingdom of Daniel in the world today will take us along way in avoiding deception.

Flee Babylon? Come Out Of Her, My People

In this audio we look at the all to flee out of the midst of Babylon. We will hear what it has to do with us today, as we consider the developing world events.

Mixed Garments Meaning

Listen as we seek to clarify the understanding of mixed garments. This is one in which there are varying opinions. We try our best to break it down. 

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