Clevon Duhaney

Clevon Duhaney

Clevon Duhaney is a follower of the Way who was born in Jamaica and now resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

Clevon Is married to Kerry-Ann Duhaney, his co-host on New Beginning, and both have 3 girls and 2 boys.
He’s currently employed as a Fire Alarm Inspector and he is also a Photographer/Auto Mechanic.

Clevon grew up in the Church and got baptized on February 1997.

However, after many years in Christianity he knew that something was missing. and he would often say that there has to be more to Christianity.

While going to church he would get his family together at his home for prayer meetings on a weekly basis, which he did for over 13 years. They read the scriptures, sang a few songs, and gave testimonies.

During that time he was a members of a church in Raleigh, NC, and Clevon and his wife later became the leaders of the married couples ministry.

He was later appointed to the Deacons ministry.

At that point He realized he was sinking deeper and deeper in the church system with no spiritual growth. Then he had an experience, one evening when an Angel came to his room and said, “Israel does not understand.”

About 1 year later he came across this very line in Isaiah 1:2-3.

After he read it, he understood exactly what the angel said to him. The Bible is about the nation of Israel and it’s people do not understand.

As he continued to get more understanding outside the church, in September of 2019, he went to the Pastor and told him that he was leaving the church to worship, and get in the word from home.

Since then he is learning and understanding more of what the scriptures are about, and now he is in transition of removing the worldly things from his life and seeking to deny himself so he can obey the Most High.

The experience garnered in the couples ministry along with what he and his wife have learned since, has made them able to provide New Beginning. This is a program designed to have us living holy each day so we can be found in perfection (blameless) when the Messiah returns.