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From Podcast to Online Radio: Just a Word Radio Growing To New Heights

From Podcast To Online Radio

When Chazaq EliYahu Yasharal started his podcast on February 18, 2019, he decided to name it Just a Word Radio. After all, there was the Just a Word website and Just a Word YouTube channel. So why not a Just a Word Radio?

But the podcast was not a radio, and it seems naming the podcast website Just a Word Radio was a prophetic move, as now Just a Word online radio is now slowly coming to fruition.

The same prophetess who encouraged the rejuvenation of Just a Word’s website at Justaword.org, came once again encouraging Just a Word Radio. This of course after a prophetic dream showing EliYahu with responsibility to bring the word to the nations.

As the word says, despise not prophesying, and the Just a Word website has blessed many, including several of those who are now presenting on Just a Word Radio.

As a result, EliYahu had no reservation in taking on the challenge and learning what it takes to operate an online radio. Now learning from scratch, the Just a Word Radio team has quickly furnished themselves with the necessary equipment, and are rearing to get started delivering the word via online radio.

So JustaWordRadio.com is now officially a radio, bringing you music, talk, interviews, discussions and call-in programs each day

There are male teachers and preacher who will break down the word of truth and women presenters who will exhort, encourage and prophesy. Hence it is hoped that we offer a rounded programming mix that will keep you online with us throughout the day.

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