Clevon Duhaney

New Beginning with Clevon Duhaney

Shalom everyone and welcome to New Beginning. I am your host Clevon Duhaney, aka Wayne. Please join me as I share inspirations, encouragements and insights that leads us to sanctification. The name New Beginning reveals that our show is to help usher us into a new beginning in the kingdom.

As such, we are tasked with helping to guide you along the path to perfection and holiness: to be found of the Messiah without spot and wrinkle upon his return.

Indeed, the biblical number 8 is the number of new beginning, coming after 7, which is the Most High’s number of perfection. It points to the new beginning in the kingdom, upon the 1000 year reign of the Messiah Yahusha, after Satan has been bound and the kingdoms of this earth have been brought down.

My shows will also include challenges that are usually faced by every believer, and we use our experiences and challenges, and to reveal the solutions based on the word and Sprit of Yahuah. We hope you will join us during this exciting and informative chat.