Afternoon Drive Sha'mual Febi

Shamual Febi

Sha’muAL is a zealous evangelist and shares the word of Yahuah everywhere with anyone who is willing to listen.

He is a sound engineer and music producer by profession and founder of United for Worship, a music movement dedicated to the worship of Yahuah Aluahym.

Sha’muAL comes from a religious background as his mother was a vocalist in church and his brother is a retired missionary and practicing pastor. Born in Ghana, Sha’muAL grew up in the church and continued to be very active when he relocated to South Africa.

He served under various churches in the youth and music ministry. Over time, he had a brewing discontentment with the ways of the church and he often asked why the Church only evangelized in poor communities and avoided wealthy areas.

Unfortunately, the church, which was comprised mostly of poor people, but the church did little to nothing to help members in their day-to-day struggles. The church system seemed to be more of a numbers game to increase church attendance.

Then he had an issue with how the church would manipulate and nearly threaten congregants when it came to paying tithes. The bishop of the church even wrote a book about how non-tithers stay poor and tithers get rich, to support the church’s threatening approach to tithes.

The set-up of the church was to primarily enrich the church and not the congregants; a case in point is when the church needed money for activities, it would turn to the congregation for donations.

samuel febi 2 – afternoon show just a word radioGenerous donors were celebrated and incredible blessings were declared over their lives. On the contrary, when people in need of money approached the church, they were told to pray to a merciful god.

This made many congregants bitter and resentful toward the church and carrying out their church duties became a burden masked by pretense. He raised his concerns with the church but was never taken seriously.

His zeal begun to grow cold and it was in those moments that he started desiring something more, wanting to experience the god that the Bible speaks of and not the god taught at the pulpit.

He questioned other things in Christianity as what he read in scripture generally never tallied with what he saw in church; for instance the holy men of the Bible had so much power to make things happen in an instant but the holy men in his church never seemed to be able to do the same.

This discrepancy made him even more determined to unlock the mystery and find the truth of the Bible.

His deep longing became a restlessness in his soul and translated to sleepless nights doing research, watching videos and looking for clues in the Bible; the search for truth was on.

He felt like he had pieces of a puzzle but wasn’t sure how they all fit together.

In time, he came across various groups of woke people which were proclaiming a different gospel to the one he had been taught but something didn’t add up. They cherry picked what they taught from the Bible, others only believed in the Old Testament, others still were not open to the questions Sha’muAL had and wanted him to simply accept their doctrine.

Then he came across Brother EliYahu. They would have endless heated conversations and Q & A sessions that appeared to go nowhere. Brian was speaking The Truth by sharing The Way and Sha’muAL was protecting Christianity because he believed the truth must be hidden in some form of Christianity.

Eventually the pieces of the puzzle started coming together and Sha’muAL was led into truth. The zeal and passion he had for Christianity was nothing compared to what he has for Yahuah Aluahym.

He shares that same zeal here on Just a Word Radio!