Maiyo Febi

maiyo febi just a word teamMaiyo is an encourager at heart and has a burning desire to help people experience the power of Yahuah in a practical way that refreshes and inspires. She shares content on how The Bible is a source of rejuvenation, and; relevant in our day-to-day lives.

She is the founder of Maiyo Febi & Associates (leadership coaching and transformational workshops) and; Native Worx Consultancy (services in corporate communications and organizational change).

Born in Zambia, Maiyo recalls moments when she would play alone and enjoy the presence of God in a natural way; she believed everyone had the same experience with God. Then one day, her mother took her to church; people were weeping and screaming “father come done” “lord forgive us”.

This experience baptized her into a lifelong journey of appeasing a far-away distant God. This was in total conflict with what she instinctively knew as a happy child and raised a lot of questions as she navigated her adult life.

Then one day in her late 30s, she attended a sermon about love at her local church Loyalty House International Church in Johannesburg South Africa.

Maiyo Febi 5 She listened confidently knowing she loves her family and friends. As the sermon progressed, she heard piercing words from the pulpit “it’s easy to love those who love you back. Who do you love that doesn’t love you back?” In that moment, something shifted and she was challenged to work on love and in the process she developed a new level of intimacy with God.

But something was still missing. Many questions were still unanswered like “Why do pastors only preach heaven stuff from the book of Revelation? Why don’t they tell us who those mythical sounding creatures are? Why is the Old Testament a no go area save for a few popularized stories like the 10 Plagues, Samson and Delilah, David and Goliath etc.? Why have black people been institutionally and systematically brutalized, butchered and dehumanized throughout history? What makes us so special and why has God allowed it?

Her husband was also asking similar questions and through his research and a deep deep longing for something more, he came across Brother EliYahu and was convicted of truth. In time she was also convicted and it was like finding something she had been looking for all her life.

Everything made sense.

Maiyo Febi smileWalking in the way has been an immersive experience for Maiyo and she is literally witnessing herself change. Turning away from Christianity has been lonely, scary and painful but she is encouraged by the Ekklesia she belongs to and the fact that she is sharing the truth of Yahuah Aluahym.

As a Christian, Maiyo was able to face her fears, take leaps of faith and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. When people would ask her the source of her strength and courage, she often felt uncomfortable about attributing it to God; something didn’t feel right when she did but she didn’t know why.

Since coming into truth, giving glory to Yahuah Aluahym feels so natural and she doesn’t feel guilty, preachy and religious as she did under Christianity.

When she served God it was about what she could get out of him and what he could do for her. Now she says it’s about what Yahuah can get out of her and what she can do for him.

After listening to Maiyo’s show, we hope you will be refreshed, filled with hope and determination to continue in the truth of scriptures.