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A lot has been said and can be said about Christianity, but what if I tell you that there is one word that tells us the truth about Christianity. One word sums it all up.


  • Truth About Christianity Summed Up In One Word

    The Truth About Christianity Summed Up In One Word

    Want to know the truth about Christianity? For anyone who truly studies both the Tanakh (old testament) in conjunction with the new testament with an open mind (not one with allegiance to a Christian denomination), it is easy to see a myriad of problems with the religion of Christianity.

    It just does not fit what is written. There are many contradictions, some of them so radical, it makes the religion totally different from what is written.
    Just giving a single example, the scripture speaks of the gathering of Israel in the last days and that the final home of the saints will be a kingdom here on earth. Christians say they will be taken to

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